Learning from the Best Online Marketer

When my husband and I started to seriously consider online marketing as a way to make more money, we knew that we were going to have to learn a good bit even though we both have had marketing experience in the past. There are a lot of similarities between online and offline marketing, but there are quite a few differences too. That is why we wanted to learn as much as we could from Ewen Chia. I know a lot of people might not know who he is, but those of us in the marketing world strive to have the same kind of online success that he has had.

He started in the 1990s, and he has worked extremely hard to get where he is today. That doesn’t mean it is too late for others though, even though he has been doing this for nearly 20 years. That would be like saying a store with a marketing plan has to keep only that strategy rather than changing and growing as new opportunities open up. The Internet is not finite. The possibilities are endless, and we both knew that we needed to understand his success in order to try and duplicate it in our lives.

With the Internet being infinite in today’s times, we knew that there was definitely room for two more people wanting to have the same kind of Internet success. We were able to go to several lectures where he was speaking, and we also had his program that we have studied and built our own online marketing business from. We have learned so much from him, and I know that we are where we at today because of the lessons we learned from Ewen’s own success. We are at a point now where we are both able to do this full time, and we definitely make more money than we ever have before.